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This was Book One. It involved a storyteller recruiting heroes to challenge the Blood Sails, a pirate band that preyed on the coast. The Heroes investigated a haunted house, got captured by the Blood Sails, escaped in a flying platform they named ‘Gazebowolf’, then explored a nearby island full of walking skeletons.
When the flying platform was stolen, they had to struggle to get to the mainland. Once there they encountered a sorcerer who had conjured tiny monsters to capture area children, to feed them to his companion dinosaur.
At Camelot, they met knights of the Round Table, saw King Arthur and learned of a new challenge. In the south of the country, spider people were raiding, so our heroes invaded and destroyed the spider people stronghold, but not without heavy casualties.

The next summer, the storyteller gathered a second group of heroes, beginning Book Two.
Gathering at Eastwood Keep, they explored the mysterious Valley of Monsters.

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