Episode 5

Adventure Recap Third Series, #5 Played 23 April 2014

EPISODE 5: “Return of The Darkmen”
Date: 5th day of Palvelun, (late winter) Westland Year 323
Place: Under Blood Island,
There was precious little sleeping done by Culain’s band of potential heroes, except for those who had been so wounded as to have no ability to move anyway. Argon and Eilonwy tended to the injured dwarf, elf and Halfling. Argon contemplates eating of the flesh of the vanquished foemen, as is the custom among his people. Everyone talked, quietly, about all of the fighting, celebrating the maneuvers that earned victories and nodding somberly over the failures to get out of the way of the enemies weapon. Lessons were learned, and the group grew closer together in the bond that is forged between companions in combat.
Then the shouting came; “Bree-ton! Eee! Eee!” a gruff voice from the darkness interrupted resting.
“It’s the rest of the darkmen!” Fish exclaimed “They’ve come home!”
“Stra-aaaah!” shouted the lead creature as it rushed into the circle of light provided by Eilonwy’s lantern, whatever words it was forming in it’s own language turning into a battle cry. It swung a large club menacingly. Argon jumped up to intercept the invaders, calling for his snake companion to guard him.
With poor Xehryon the Halfling too injured to get up off the floor, he gave weak encouragement to his teammates as they engaged this new wave of enemy creatures. Argon held the vanguard, his thick lizard skin offering him protection from blows while he dealt out brutal damage with his spear. The Darkmen shouted at the newcomers and at each other, but the language is an unintelligible, angry sound.
Inspired by last night’s demonstration by their rescuers, this current display of bravery, and the chance for revenge against their tormentors, Fish and Ramey find within themselves the spark necessary to rise above their former lives as bandits, fully committing themselves to the fighting team. Fish swings his sword with a new vigor, yet still unsteady, the Darkman he faces down evades the ex-bandit’s unpracticed swings. Ramey hefted his short bow, and deftly placed arrows over the shoulders of his new teammates, downing two Darkmen with well placed his arrows.
Knowing she is no match as a fighter, Eilonwy uses her magic powers to perplex her attacker. At first she causes it’s headgear to glow as bright as the lantern. The creatures seems startled by the light emanating from it’s own hat, and reacts by hurling the offending chapeaux away. Next, the sorceress causes the glowing hat to fly back into the face of the Darkman, causing it to once again turn it’s attention away from crushing the slender woman. The beleaguered beast-man dies to Trumble’s axe, struggling to comprehend why his own hat is assaulting him, never seeing the dwarf’s attack coming.
Argon, Trumble, Fish and Ramey, as well as the animals combined to make short work of the darkmen. Ten of the smelly humanoids fell to the heroes in a minute.
After catching their breath, the group then discusses what to do next.
To be continued

Episode 4

Adventure Recap Third Series, #4 Played 16 April 2014

EPISODE 4: “The Darkmen”
Date: 4th day of Palvelun, (late winter) Westland Year 323
Place: Under Blood Island,
Stepping away from the carnage of bloody bodies of the men littering the floor, Eilonwy raises up the lantern she carries to get a better view of whatever may be making noises down the hall leading away from this chamber. She sees, far down the hall beyond the glow of her light, another light, red and at floor level. Did someone leave a campfire smoldering? There is no smell of smoke. Further, the red glow seems to be moving. As she squints into the darkness, the others peer around the corner to see what has captured the sorceress’ attention. Argon, Trumble and Xehryon all watch as Abraham declares “I’ll go check it out.”
Abraham moves with the grace that is her elven birthright, sticking to the wall, and making little sound. As she leaves the circle of lantern light, she enters the red glow and the wandering embers stop moving. Peering close, she sees that the red glow comes from a large beetle, about the size of a large housecat, with two glow glands not unlike a firefly. The giant insect stands unmoving, watching the elf. Abraham simply walks back to the group. “It’s just a bug.” she proclaims.
‘You see a glowbug?!” shouts one of the reviving bandits “Capture it!” After a moments pause, he remembers to add “But be careful, they can bite a man’s arm off!”
‘It went the other way.’ Abraham flatly states.
“No, no. Don’t let it gat a way! It’s the only light in here beside your lantern.” The man seems distraught at the thought of the glowbug getting away.
Rubbing at the bruise he received from being punched by the dwarf, the bandit speaks up; “ We want to come with you! If you can fight this well, you may be able to find a way out of here! I can help guide you past the traps.”
“Most of your group are in no condition to travel.” Argon points out “ We beat them up pretty bad. Do you want that one of you travel with us, and the rest stay here? If we find another way out, we can come back to get them.”
“Eh, the’re a bunch of backstabbing thieves. Screw ‘em!” the bandit pronounces after some thought. “I am called Ramey, and this other fellow rubbing his jaw is called Fish. We can be helpful!”
“How long have you been in here” Eilonwy asks
“There is no way of knowing! It feels like years! We tried to make our home under the small shaft in the roof that let’s light in, but the Nightwolves drove us away!” Ramey spits on the ground as he says the name of his torturers.
“Do you know these halls?” Xehryon asks.
“Somewhat very well. Mostly we only find our way by touching the walls. If we are lucky, there is a mouse to catch. We burned all the wood furniture we found long ago.”
Agreeing that Ramey and Fish can tag along, the group pushes on into the dark hall, Eilonwy holding her lantern up high. After a few turns of the hallway, they come across a great hall, complete with bas relief wall decorations of abstract geometric shapes and swirls. At the end of the hall, another door.
Abraham looks to see if there may be a booby trap on the door. He finds none, but the door is swollen stuck in its frame, so he forces it open with a bang! The chamber beyond looks like a type of crude throne room. There is a large stone chair draped with a few ancient looking pelts, and a stone coffer or table standing next to the chair. The seat faces the door, and behind it another corridor leads into darkness.
Abraham inspects the stone box, to see if lifting the lid will trigger a trap. She sees no such mechanism, and with a heave, the stone slab comes up. Schwing! A flash of lantern light reflects off a spring loaded blade as it arcs from side to side, slicing open Abraham’s belly. The lid crashes down to the floor as she sinks to the ground holding herself in pain. Cassandra looks to the wounded elf, as the others peer into the box.
Gold! The box is full of coins. But the stamp on the coins is unfamiliar to anyone.
It is decided that the large lizard shaman should carry the coins, as he seems to be strong, and even Ramey admits he was once a thief, but coins do little good at this moment.
Behind the throne, down the corridor, is a dead end with what appears to be a window frame that has been filled in with stone. “Still don’t know what type of stone that is.” Grumbles Trumble.
“This I do know.” Squawks Culain “This is stone that has been magically created. The magic that made it is long gone, but the stone remains, just as real as anything in the world.”
Eilonwy mutters her words of power and makes gestures with her free hand. “I will see if there is magic here now.” she explains. Culains alights on the floor and watches her ritual. “Crude technique, but I see lot’s of potential in you! That’s why I asked you to come!”
“Are you going to help me improve my technique?” Eilonwy asks
“I have spent many years watching wizards work mighty magic. I could teach you something” the raven says
“So, you are a familiar that escaped!” opines Xehryon
“Humph” is the only response he gets.
Following a few more passages, the group searches for hidden door and discovers another stone sealed window arch. Beyond that, there is a sharp yell, in a guttural voice “Orka gree! Tresh!?! Gree hunan! Hunan Eee! Eee!” The words are nonsenseical, but the tone is a fierce command! Then they come rushing out of the chamber they were readying themselves in; The Darkmen! Ramey and Fish press themselves against the wall and cower. Argon asks for a blessing of virtue.
Trumble, having heard the stories of the Darkmen for hours now, throws himself emotionally into a blind fury, and then physically into the new enemy, screaming “Darkmen eh? This is Melinda!” as he swings his war axe deep into the ribs of the tall Darkman creature. Up close, they looked tall like humans, but broad like a dwarf. Their faces were flat and broad, and angry.
While Abraham tumbled, literally, into the fray, Cassandra and Xehryon hurled arrows and daggers. Eilonwy called forth a few magical bolts to shoot at the enemy, while Trumble and Argon used axe and spear to dispatch the dark warriors. In half a minute it was all over. Ten bodies lay on the floor, and Eilonwy is already pushing her teammates to save one of the fallen for interrogation.
“No! Kill the Darkmen! No, I’ll do it!” yells Ramey from behind the group. He runs to the battle site drawing his sword, with Fish close behind. But at the entrance, Trumble is staggering in pain and rage, swinging his axe absently. The ex-bandits halt well outside the dwarves’ reach, and after another half minute, Trumble collapses, exhausted from the adrenaline rush, and it seems he did indeed take a solid hit from one of the Darkmen. With Trumble lying in the bloody gore, and Argon stabilizing some of them, Fish and Ramey content themselves with having witnessed the destruction of some Darkmen. “But where are the rest?” Fish asks.
Bruised and bleeding, the group decides this is a good place to sit for a while and recover from the two combats they have been in so far today. As Eilonwy adds oil to the lantern and unwraps the provisions given to her by the Blood Sails, they group chats about what they have learned, and share observations about the fights. Those skilled in healing, bandage those wounded, and then everyone relaxes, as much as is possible twenty feet away from where ten men-beasts were slaughtered.

To be continued

Episode 3

EPISODE 3: “The Blood Sail’s Problem is Our Problem”
Date: 2nd day of Palvelun, (late winter) Westland Year 323
Place: the Town of Saltmarsh,
Our heroes stood in the middle of the town square of Saltmarsh, a coastal town. They looked up into the air to see a covered, round porch hovering thirty feet in the air. The pirates on board the flying platform had bows and arrows ready to rain death down.
With a shout from their master standing aboard the flying platform, the rest of the pirate crew on the docks took up arms and charged into town. Now vastly outnumbered, and suffering from having no cover from the archers hovering above, the heroes split up to seek cover. Xehryon tried to hide in the sand underneath the docks, but was discovered and captured. Oroboros the snake slithers to safety. Argon and the others tried to take cover in a shoppe, but as Eilonwy was trying to get out the back window, her dress got caught. By the time she landed on the ground outside the window, she was surrounded by grinning pirates with ready weapons, and her companions were already captured.
Everyone was put in the ship’s brig after having all their gear stripped from them, and the order was given to get underway. The giant snake and the raven were not seen, and not mentioned by the captives. The crew seemed boisterous and delighted in seeing the captives, taking turns looking at them as if the group was an exhibit. They are fed some, and given a bucket for sanitation, but no privacy. After sailing all day, the ship arrives at Blood Island just as the sun is setting.
Brought up from below deck, the captives see Blood Island for the first time from the gangplank as they are being led down to shore. The pirate’s ship was tied to stone crenelations that run the length of the small island. One presumes someone went to the trouble of dredging the sand away from this sea wall so that ship may tie up directly to this port area. The island is dotted with small shacks and huts, most fairly crude. A few larger structures exist, what looks like a warehouse, an open air kitchen and tap room and a large imposing stone temple right in the center of the small island. The large doors to the temple are blockaded by boulders, dead trees and chains. There were once many trees as evidenced by all the stumps scattered around, but now only a few remain to provide shade. A throng of men met them at the bottom of the gangplank. The whole crowd numbered about a hundred jeering men. The group is led to a warehouse and locked inside for the night. Locked up, they have another fine opportunity to get to know one another.
In the morning, they were brought out of the warehouse to meet Captain Agataki. The whole crowd had grown to almost two hundred men, and there was a second, larger, three-masted ship docked at the island now. The captain was a strange looking man; darker skin, darker eyes that folded at the corner and a small nose. His armor was made of many strips of lacquered wood bound together and his helmet wide, all colored blood red. Even his sword was odd in it’s length and slight curve. His accent was slight, but neither Thrydacian or Britslander like most of the pirates, not from the mid countries that Eilonwy woulnd be familiar with. He was a stranger to these lands, and he has become the leader of the largest band of pirates with the most fearsome reputation the Calamic Sea has known.
The Captain addresses the captives, and gives them a choice. “You can remain bound as you are thrown into the sea, or you can do something for the Blood Sails that we wish to have no part of. On my honor, if you do this deed, I will have you returned to the mainland anywhere you wish to be put ashore, and rewarded as well.” The crowd of bloodthirsty pirates make known they are ready to lay to if the captives should refuse to offer their aid. “The stone temple in the middle of the island predates our discovery of this place. I think that a dark evil lies within, the kind that makes even the bravest Blood Sail give pause. There have been monsters that have come forth from the temple and killed my men, till at much cost of life, the creature was defeated, or simply slipped into the sea to swim away. There is a Darkness in that temple. Destroy it, and you are free. You will never be bothered by the Blood Sails again. Fail, and you will hopefully be seen as an offering to the spirits that dwell below, and they will be placated for a while. We hear, sometimes, the wails of anguish and cries of madness, with the rattling of chains from within that strange place. You are not the first we have sent in. But none before you have ever returned. May all the gods bless you on your journey.”
Captain Agatoki turns from his captives and gives an order. Sailors come forward to return all the gear that was taken, and to loosen the bonds holding the captives. Free now, and armed, they are still surrounded by almost two hundred pirates. Eilonwy is given a heavy sack of salted fish and biskets. Xehryon is given a lantern and a dozen flasks of oil. A sailor approaches Argon to offer a skin still wet with water. With a snarl, a sharp claw lashes out and rends the water-skin. The sailor stands for a moment, stunned, watching the water pool on the ground. “IN!” yells Captain agatoki
Sailors had already been working hard to remove the boulders and barricade material from one of the doors. As the door is pulled open, the unwilling explorers are marched forward at the point of a hundred swords. As they stand inside the shadow of the temples interior, and the door is being pushed closed, Oroboros the snake suddenly darts inside with Culain the raven flapping with him. The door slams shut with a ring of finality. The sounds outside indicate that the Blood Sails wasted no time replacing the barricade against the door.
The building interior was well lit, if eerily so. A dome of stained glass featuring patterns of swirls and circles in shades of dark blue allowed the morning sun in, splattering color on the walls. The walls seemed to be made up of worm like shapes, stacked atop one another, caught, petrified in the act of writhing over each other. The effect of the different colors on the wall texture gave the illusion of movement. Or were some of the worms actually moving, just a little? The floor was stone, and there was no furniture or interior walls. There were however, stone mushroom shapes of various sizes, dotted all around the great chamber. These fixtures had thick stalks and wide caps. Some were suitable for use as uncomfortable stools, some were the size of tables, but given the rounded top, mostly useless for putting anything on top of. The centerpiece of the temple, the thing that most grabbed everyone’s attention when they walked in, were the chains hanging from the dome. Seemingly a hundred metal chains, of thicknesses ranging yarn-thin to anchor chain, of a hundred different lengths hung from the iron frame work of the skylight dome. Most were equipped with hooks at the end. With the opening and closing of the main door, some of the thin chain swayed in the draft, rattling a little.
Eilonwy walks to the center of the area of chains, directly underneath the dome. She recites the words and moves her hands in the fashion that allows her to focus her senses on magic. A few seconds later she reports to the others that there is no magic here.
As everyone spreads out, cautiously exploring the building, Trumble shouts out “There is a crack in the floor here!” Moving the dust away, they group is able to trace a crease in the stone floor in a perfect square around a stone mushroom the size of an end table. Using various tools to pry with, they lift up a six inch thick slap of stone and muscle it over. Underneath is a stair leading down.
Starting down the stair that was hidden under a stone mushroom, discovered in a bizarre temple, Trumble the dwarf leads the way, while sensible Eilonwy takes a moment to light the lantern she carries.
As he tromps down the stair, Trumble verbalizes his observations “No one laid this stone. No one carved it. There are no marks from tools, or joints, or seams. I do not recognize this stone. Some type of granite? I don’t like it!” Running his course hand over the smooth stone wall as he descends, looking for signs of tooling, his other hand absently shifts his grip on his axe several times. At the last stair, Trumble comes to a stop altogether. A wide chamber lies before them, with several thick wooden doors. The floor is dirty and smells of mildew. Some mold can be seen on the corners. The moist dust on the floor shows traffic passes through this room regularly. There are rodents, shod feet, large dogs prints and large bare feet moving in all directions. The doors are all shut, but small gnawed holes at the bottom indicate mice move freely.
The party talks about where to go, and decide left. On coming to a door down a passage, they force it open, with a couple applications of their shoulders. A voice from the other side of the door is hear to yell “The Darkmen come! To arms!”
As the party burst into the room beyond the door, they are attacked by men with various weapons, and desperate faces. “We come to talk to you!” Trumble the dwarf shouts, but the battle is under way. Abraham is in the room first and slashing away with his swords. Argon the six foot tall lizard man rushes in with his spear seeking a target. “Ah! Monsters!” the men in the room yell. Trumble is so insulted by these men’s refusal that he flies into a rage, throwing punches, heedless of his own safety. As Eilonwy enters carrying the lantern, the native men act amazed. “They bring light!” Everyone contributes to the carnage, and in the end all of the original occupants of the room are lying on the floor, dead or unable to move.
Taking stock of the chamber it appears the men were living in this far end of a long wide hallway. Two of the men come to, having only been knocked unconscious by a punch to the face from Trumble. One is called Ramey and the other is called Fish.
They explain that they were once bandits operating in the south of Thrydacia. Their leader heard of a buried treasure placed by the notorious Blood Sails The bandit gang sought the treasure, ran afoul of the pirates, were captured (those that were not killed), brought to Blood Island, and forced onto the temple. Eventually finding the trap door under the stone mushroom, the bandits descended to explore, only to encounter the Darkmen, powerful men who can apparently see in the dark! Fleeing them, the bandits encountered the even more deadly creatures of darkness the bandits call Blackwolves, because the sound and smell like wolves, but also do not need light. Very soon, their food and candles were used up. Trapped, the bandits have survived the best they could eating rats, bugs, mold, and licking the walls for water. The humans tried to explore by feeling along the walls, and once discovered a shaft to the surface that let sunlight in. They tried to make that place their camp, but the Blackwolves came in the night and savagely expelled them. They have also found the stairs they came down, but found the top covered, and could not be force it open. Both the Darkmen and the Blackwolves used the humans as sport. Beating or clawing them when the men were unaware there were enemies in the darkness. Taking away their weapons, then returning them later, rushing into the camp and thrashing everyone, then retreating, the games were always violent to the humans detriment. The howls and growls and shouts and ear piercing shrieking at odd times kept the men on the edge of their nerves. Sometimes the creatures would leave behind a morsel of food for the desperate humans. This led to some bandits making pilgrimages to one stronghold or another to beg for food and water. Though no language was shared, the meaning was clear, and the Blackwolves would often give only beatings, but sometimes gave some salty water and a few rats or fungus to eat, but never without a price. The humans served as entertainment to savage, bestial humiliations and degradation. Sometimes a bandit was carried off to satisfy a more immediate hunger. These men all died screaming. It is unknown how long the bandits have been living and dying in the darkness, but to Ramey’s perception it seems like about three years.
“What’s the big deal about seeing in the dark?” asks Trumble the dwarf “You humans have weak eyes!”
“Sshh!” hisses Eilonwy “I hear something skittering from the other end of the hall!” She moves the shine her light down the wide hall.

Encounters Episode 2

EPISODE 2: “Eye in the Sky”
Date: 2nd day of Palvelun, (late winter) Westland Year 323
Place: the Town of Saltmarsh
The group of odd companions; 2 halflings, 2 humans, 3 elves, a lizard-man, a dwarf and a crow gather their things and begin their journey. Some bid farewell to their perplexed host as he watches them leave into the morning mist. Culain alights on a fencepost to thank him and his wife for the hospitality in letting the group sleep in the barn and feeding them all breakfast. The group meanders out into the world, following a cart track through the gently rolling grassland of Thrydacia toward the Calamic sea. They walk and talk, all sharing knowledge of the Westlander language.
As they are noticing the tendrils of smoke ahead indicating a town, they also notice a crowd of people walking toward them. Most all are clutching some personal belongings or children. The first thought is that this might be some local holiday picnic in the making, but as the faces of the citizens become clearer, they look more like frightened refugees. When the mob sees the collection of beings with a lizard-man in the front, the townsfolk look even more worried and walk to the side, avoiding the strangers. When asked what is happening, the woman they try to stop only shouts “More pirates!” and scurries away.
Entering town, they can see that thugs, presumable the pirates, are smashing things and looting as much as possible. Taking up arms, the group rushes into the town square and slaughters pirates, even rescuing a damsel that a pirate was trying to deflower forcefully. The nine heroes defeated 13 pirates in lethal combat.
But then a voice yells “I told you Saltmarsh scum to flee!” The voice came from above.
Looking up into the sky over the village’s sea wall, Argon saw the flaming eye staring down at him from an impossible place. The eye itself was not very intimidating. It had been painted, crudely, on the wooden surface. One could even discern that something else had been painted on the wood before some hack brush-wielder created this current symbol. Nor was the structure itself very imposing. It very much resembled the balcony on the nearby three-story building. The thing, it has to be called a vehicle for it is full of men shouting down, was hovering in the air. Leaning over a rail was a man with a bow, and several others stood nearby at the ready. The pirates had a flying platform to launch arrows from. The heroes stood in the middle of the town square, exposed.

Book Three Episode 1

Adventure Recap Third Series , #1 Played 26 March 2014

EPISODE 1: “The Raven’s Call”
Date: 1st day of Palvelun, (late winter) Westland Year 323
Place: A farm outside of the Town of Saltmarsh

“Ca-Caw!” A raven ends his flight on a rafter inside a modest barn. The creature gazes down at an assemblage of beings the likes of which have not been seen before. “Is everyone here now?” the bird asks in the language of man.
Each of those assembled look up at the black bird in the flickering light of lanterns illuminating the barns interior. Some shiver in the cold air. It is only the third month, Palvelun, still late winter, though the southern lands of Thrydacia almost never see snowfall, one still feels winter’s chill. Outside, the sun has long set, and in the cover of darkness, the last of the group was shown to the barn meeting place by the bewildered farmer who works the land. As the slender, old man closes the door to his barn, closing all these strange beings in, he lifts a silent prayer to the goddess of the home to keep his property and his family safe.
The newcomer gazes at those others assembled, as they stare at him.
Argon is a lizard-folk. His skin is thick and rough like his far-kin the alligator. Likewise his teeth and claws are weapons all on their own. He stands a full head taller than the human man in the room, and thick muscles ripple under his hide. A thick tail swishes behind him. Aside from the spear, decorated with the feathers of swamp birds, in his one hand, and the shield fashioned from a very big turtle shell in his other, the most eye catching thing on Argon is a mottled yellow snake wrapped around one arm and draped over the lizard man’s shoulders. Easily eight feet long, the snake takes in the smells of everything, flicking it’s tongue continuously. Hanging from a crude cord around his neck is an egg shaped stone.
“Argon is a spirit-speaker of Semuanya, the god of the lizard people. He is one of the most important males of his tribe.” Explains the raven from his rafter perch. “I asked him to join us because Semuanya has seen fit to use Argon as a vessel of divine power. Argon can use his miracles to sustain, call wild beasts to him, and heal.” Argon’s yellow eyes regard the raven with an unnerving gaze. Unruffled, the black bird continues “It is custom that a young male in his position must go on a journey of self discovery, and experience the lands before taking on the role of Tribal God-Speaker and taking mates. Traditionally, the journey avoids the towns and cities of Man, but I have convinced him the potential reward is great if he were to join us.”
“Humph!” comes a grumpy noise from one other in the room. Standing well under five feet tall, Trumble Beardcleaver’s center patch of black hair brings him to almost five even. The rest of his skull is bald, covered only by a zig-zag tattoo running from atop his head, over his right eye and down the cheek, running under a wooly forked beard. “There better be reward! Or Melinda here will be irritated!” he proclaims, hefting his battle axe by way of introducing it to the crowd. Well equipped, this stout warrior wears metal studded leathers for protection, and keeps a bow and arrows slung as well.
“Trumble comes from Smallhome, a colony of displaced dwarves at the southern edge of the Trenthurst Forest. He is noted for losing himself in the heat of battle. If he falls in combat, it will only be after many others have fallen to his axe.” crows Culain.
“Because Trumble traveled through the Trenthurst, we had to secure permission from the elves that call that woodland home. Hence we were escorted by Abraham, Alabast and Cassandra of the Alfvart.” Culain explains. The three elves give a barely perceivable nod as each is named.
“The man with the bow is a local tracker, Gareth, and the unique young woman is called Eilonwy.” As Culain introduces her, Eilonwy draws back her hood to reveal a girl with a pretty face, thick dark hair, and equally dark horns curving up through her hair, just long enough they cannot be hidden easily.
She speaks in a confident voice, one more accustomed to commanding respect than young girls usually do. “I am from the Pricipality of Pyronia, ruled by the Dragon Prince from his stone throne on Mount Shiv. On the old maps, the land is called Dominaria, and my mother spoke of her generation worrying about the civil war caused by the two wizard brothers fighting for the throne. But they disappeared, never to be seen again, and Pyranon came, seducing or raping a thousand women in one year. Some say he came as a handsome prince, with smooth words and irresistible charm. Others say he came in the guise of their husbands, many of whom were found dead later. When we, the illegitimate children were born, mothers hid their children, for all of us had a mark from our father. I have horns on my head. Others have scales, or claws, or long faces, or wings! Those of us that survived childhood, were sent a message. Join our father as his army. Many have done so. I have not.”
After a pause, allowing this all to be absorbed by those assembled, Culain adds “Her birthright is dragon magic! Pyranon the Eternal is one of the most powerful beings in the world. His might rivals that of a god! Eilonwy is his offspring. One thing this little black bird knows is magic, and I think, with the proper coaching, she could be awesome indeed! She has already called to her a familiar, one who will help her on her journey to understanding her powers.”
“His name is Käärme” Eilonwy says, producing a slender black snake from her sleeve.
“OOOooo!” come a duo of voices.
“And Halflings,” Culain adds “because they are sometimes useful.”
“Hi! I’m Randal, and this is Xehryon.” The Halflings seem to be in good spirits.
“As I explained when I first came to you,” Culain exposits “my master, for reasons of his own, thinks much bloodshed could be averted if his pupil were found and returned. His ward, Arthur would also be good, but we have been quested to find and return Merlin the Magician!”
“Rest now, friends!” Culain finishes “Tomorrow we begin our journey to Camelot. There will be plenty of time to get to know one another on the road as you walk.”

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