Episode 5

Adventure Recap Third Series, #5 Played 23 April 2014

EPISODE 5: “Return of The Darkmen”
Date: 5th day of Palvelun, (late winter) Westland Year 323
Place: Under Blood Island,
There was precious little sleeping done by Culain’s band of potential heroes, except for those who had been so wounded as to have no ability to move anyway. Argon and Eilonwy tended to the injured dwarf, elf and Halfling. Argon contemplates eating of the flesh of the vanquished foemen, as is the custom among his people. Everyone talked, quietly, about all of the fighting, celebrating the maneuvers that earned victories and nodding somberly over the failures to get out of the way of the enemies weapon. Lessons were learned, and the group grew closer together in the bond that is forged between companions in combat.
Then the shouting came; “Bree-ton! Eee! Eee!” a gruff voice from the darkness interrupted resting.
“It’s the rest of the darkmen!” Fish exclaimed “They’ve come home!”
“Stra-aaaah!” shouted the lead creature as it rushed into the circle of light provided by Eilonwy’s lantern, whatever words it was forming in it’s own language turning into a battle cry. It swung a large club menacingly. Argon jumped up to intercept the invaders, calling for his snake companion to guard him.
With poor Xehryon the Halfling too injured to get up off the floor, he gave weak encouragement to his teammates as they engaged this new wave of enemy creatures. Argon held the vanguard, his thick lizard skin offering him protection from blows while he dealt out brutal damage with his spear. The Darkmen shouted at the newcomers and at each other, but the language is an unintelligible, angry sound.
Inspired by last night’s demonstration by their rescuers, this current display of bravery, and the chance for revenge against their tormentors, Fish and Ramey find within themselves the spark necessary to rise above their former lives as bandits, fully committing themselves to the fighting team. Fish swings his sword with a new vigor, yet still unsteady, the Darkman he faces down evades the ex-bandit’s unpracticed swings. Ramey hefted his short bow, and deftly placed arrows over the shoulders of his new teammates, downing two Darkmen with well placed his arrows.
Knowing she is no match as a fighter, Eilonwy uses her magic powers to perplex her attacker. At first she causes it’s headgear to glow as bright as the lantern. The creatures seems startled by the light emanating from it’s own hat, and reacts by hurling the offending chapeaux away. Next, the sorceress causes the glowing hat to fly back into the face of the Darkman, causing it to once again turn it’s attention away from crushing the slender woman. The beleaguered beast-man dies to Trumble’s axe, struggling to comprehend why his own hat is assaulting him, never seeing the dwarf’s attack coming.
Argon, Trumble, Fish and Ramey, as well as the animals combined to make short work of the darkmen. Ten of the smelly humanoids fell to the heroes in a minute.
After catching their breath, the group then discusses what to do next.
To be continued



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