Book Three Episode 1

Adventure Recap Third Series , #1 Played 26 March 2014

EPISODE 1: “The Raven’s Call”
Date: 1st day of Palvelun, (late winter) Westland Year 323
Place: A farm outside of the Town of Saltmarsh

“Ca-Caw!” A raven ends his flight on a rafter inside a modest barn. The creature gazes down at an assemblage of beings the likes of which have not been seen before. “Is everyone here now?” the bird asks in the language of man.
Each of those assembled look up at the black bird in the flickering light of lanterns illuminating the barns interior. Some shiver in the cold air. It is only the third month, Palvelun, still late winter, though the southern lands of Thrydacia almost never see snowfall, one still feels winter’s chill. Outside, the sun has long set, and in the cover of darkness, the last of the group was shown to the barn meeting place by the bewildered farmer who works the land. As the slender, old man closes the door to his barn, closing all these strange beings in, he lifts a silent prayer to the goddess of the home to keep his property and his family safe.
The newcomer gazes at those others assembled, as they stare at him.
Argon is a lizard-folk. His skin is thick and rough like his far-kin the alligator. Likewise his teeth and claws are weapons all on their own. He stands a full head taller than the human man in the room, and thick muscles ripple under his hide. A thick tail swishes behind him. Aside from the spear, decorated with the feathers of swamp birds, in his one hand, and the shield fashioned from a very big turtle shell in his other, the most eye catching thing on Argon is a mottled yellow snake wrapped around one arm and draped over the lizard man’s shoulders. Easily eight feet long, the snake takes in the smells of everything, flicking it’s tongue continuously. Hanging from a crude cord around his neck is an egg shaped stone.
“Argon is a spirit-speaker of Semuanya, the god of the lizard people. He is one of the most important males of his tribe.” Explains the raven from his rafter perch. “I asked him to join us because Semuanya has seen fit to use Argon as a vessel of divine power. Argon can use his miracles to sustain, call wild beasts to him, and heal.” Argon’s yellow eyes regard the raven with an unnerving gaze. Unruffled, the black bird continues “It is custom that a young male in his position must go on a journey of self discovery, and experience the lands before taking on the role of Tribal God-Speaker and taking mates. Traditionally, the journey avoids the towns and cities of Man, but I have convinced him the potential reward is great if he were to join us.”
“Humph!” comes a grumpy noise from one other in the room. Standing well under five feet tall, Trumble Beardcleaver’s center patch of black hair brings him to almost five even. The rest of his skull is bald, covered only by a zig-zag tattoo running from atop his head, over his right eye and down the cheek, running under a wooly forked beard. “There better be reward! Or Melinda here will be irritated!” he proclaims, hefting his battle axe by way of introducing it to the crowd. Well equipped, this stout warrior wears metal studded leathers for protection, and keeps a bow and arrows slung as well.
“Trumble comes from Smallhome, a colony of displaced dwarves at the southern edge of the Trenthurst Forest. He is noted for losing himself in the heat of battle. If he falls in combat, it will only be after many others have fallen to his axe.” crows Culain.
“Because Trumble traveled through the Trenthurst, we had to secure permission from the elves that call that woodland home. Hence we were escorted by Abraham, Alabast and Cassandra of the Alfvart.” Culain explains. The three elves give a barely perceivable nod as each is named.
“The man with the bow is a local tracker, Gareth, and the unique young woman is called Eilonwy.” As Culain introduces her, Eilonwy draws back her hood to reveal a girl with a pretty face, thick dark hair, and equally dark horns curving up through her hair, just long enough they cannot be hidden easily.
She speaks in a confident voice, one more accustomed to commanding respect than young girls usually do. “I am from the Pricipality of Pyronia, ruled by the Dragon Prince from his stone throne on Mount Shiv. On the old maps, the land is called Dominaria, and my mother spoke of her generation worrying about the civil war caused by the two wizard brothers fighting for the throne. But they disappeared, never to be seen again, and Pyranon came, seducing or raping a thousand women in one year. Some say he came as a handsome prince, with smooth words and irresistible charm. Others say he came in the guise of their husbands, many of whom were found dead later. When we, the illegitimate children were born, mothers hid their children, for all of us had a mark from our father. I have horns on my head. Others have scales, or claws, or long faces, or wings! Those of us that survived childhood, were sent a message. Join our father as his army. Many have done so. I have not.”
After a pause, allowing this all to be absorbed by those assembled, Culain adds “Her birthright is dragon magic! Pyranon the Eternal is one of the most powerful beings in the world. His might rivals that of a god! Eilonwy is his offspring. One thing this little black bird knows is magic, and I think, with the proper coaching, she could be awesome indeed! She has already called to her a familiar, one who will help her on her journey to understanding her powers.”
“His name is Käärme” Eilonwy says, producing a slender black snake from her sleeve.
“OOOooo!” come a duo of voices.
“And Halflings,” Culain adds “because they are sometimes useful.”
“Hi! I’m Randal, and this is Xehryon.” The Halflings seem to be in good spirits.
“As I explained when I first came to you,” Culain exposits “my master, for reasons of his own, thinks much bloodshed could be averted if his pupil were found and returned. His ward, Arthur would also be good, but we have been quested to find and return Merlin the Magician!”
“Rest now, friends!” Culain finishes “Tomorrow we begin our journey to Camelot. There will be plenty of time to get to know one another on the road as you walk.”



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